I bought my Duskii swimsuit last year, and brought it with me to vacation in Fiji, but the first time I actually wore it was a few weekends ago. I know, it’s crazy, but hear me out. I first noticed the suit on Instagram, and as I’m apt to do, I fell in love. The bright red color, the beautiful zip, the elegant waist detail—it all spoke to me. So did the sale price. I paid close attention to the size charts and ordered a medium.

On opening it, I had an immediate surprise—the neoprene was both thicker and more awesome than I expected. Even without any legs, pulling it on had me flushed and warm. It doesn’t breathe. As someone who gets cold easily, this felt like a huge plus, like a wetsuit had a baby with a gorgeous one piece and gifted me this beauty.

My Duskii suit getting some much needed outside time.

The fit worked pretty well too, in all but one aspect: the arms. I’ve always considered my arms to be pretty standard. They aren’t exceptionally thin, but they aren’t really on the plushy side either. However, squeezing them into my suit felt a little like trying to put an overextended chapstick back into it’s tube—vaguely embarrassing and challenging. They fit, but it’s a bit uncomfortable. The waist area also has a little bit of room, but given my height, my bust size, and my hip circumference, I needed that medium.

Visually though, the suit looks great. I love that tantalizing front zip that is both functional (I have no idea how I’d get into and out of it without it) and aesthetically on point. And the red? Perfection. Perhaps bending my arms all the way at the elbows is overrated…

You can start to see how thick this suite is by looking at the fold size and the edges.

So, why didn’t I wear it even though I packed it all the way to Fiji? Well, it was too warm! Every time I put it on, I became so overheated that I immediately had to take it off. Granted, it was summer in Fiji, so I was optimistic in thinking I could even try. 

That’s why, two weekends ago when I wanted to go a beach near my home in Northern California I knew this was just the suit for me. The arms still squish, but as soon as I’m playing along the beach and hearing the water, it doesn’t seem to matter so much. Anybody who’s been in Northern California knows that the ocean weather stays pretty nippy almost year round, especially in the wind. My legs were definitely still cold, but I stayed warm in my core the entire time—a total win. I will say though, I didn’t get all the way in the water. I played along the edge, got my legs in, and ran away. Typical flirt. 

So much FUN!

Overall if you are looking to purchase a suit from Duskii, here’s my advice: 

  1. Talk to a customer service rep about arm size if you are worried about it at all (and if your arms are normal size circumference be a little worried).
  2. Be excited about the quality, from everything I see, it’s top-notch.
  3. Sometimes there are pretty awesome sales, so maybe be patient. 
  4. Finally, don’t expect to wear long-sleeve neoprene in Fiji summers!

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